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> the experience takes shape

Innovation and design

Synonimous with quality and made in Italy, capable of proposing solutions and services in line with the most varied lifestyle demands, we meet the needs of a broad market, looking towards every market segment. We offer a wide range of furniture solutions with our C+A/ Carrieri brand as well as a selection of the other best brands, for the home, office, outdoors and the contract sector. Furniture accessories and add-ons, with quality and innovative design, providing emotions and suggestions for everyone to enjoy.


Passion and creativity

Professionalism, quality, research, imagination. For 45 years we have been guided through the furniture sector by these key words. From these words, our experience takes shape, changing each day. We know how to evolve, we know how to grow, we know how to adapt, we know how to change. Centro Arredi Carrieri grew from deep roots and true passion. Angelo Carrieri and his staff know their sector well, having experienced and lived through it for some time, experiencing and living through it with great competence, curiosity and continuous research. Centro Arredi Carrieri is situated in Polignano A Mare.


The choice

The staff of Centro Arredi Carrieri know that their work will contribute to providing heart and soul to important spaces, spaces where people's lives will be moved, where they will experience beautful and important moments, where they will exchange pieces of their lives. We are always very attentive to refinement and to uniqueness, to detail, to beauty, to functionality. We want to give everything, every day we commit ourselves to being close to our customers, to understanding their needs. Customer satisfaction, quality, innovation, researh and design are the basis of our work.